”Get Obama out”

In the United States, our American colleagues distribute leaflets - like this one titled "Victoria's Secret Government".

You can print them out from and distribute them yourselfs. The text reads:
"Lyndon LaRouche delivered the following assessment on March 11.

I know that this week would be a limiting period for Obama to launch the British war, thermonuclear war.

Option A was to break Russia. Then they could take over the whole world. The whole operation against Russia was to make it easier for the British Empire to do what it was going to do anyway, if Russia were not an impediment. If they couldn't break Russia, they had to go into World War III, thermonuclear World War III.

So far we've blocked them on their ability to secure Russia as their victim. Therefore they're going to the real option; the ultimate option, which they hoped they could avoid. But they're now at a point where they either drop the whole case, give up their whole option, or go to World War III. They have no other options! And the only way you can deal with it is by preempting it.

Which means, you must throw this President of the United States out immediately! Get him out of office, now, by any legal means. Get him out of office, and the United States will not go with that. So you don't have any time for guessing. You know it's coming. You know why it's coming. You know what the intention is.

Bail-out precedes bail-in. This whole system is inherently dead. And the only way they can save the system is by killing the people. So you have to preempt them, before they start the damn war. You can never stop the war after it's happened. You go into completely different logic.

Wall St. and London are about to go out of existence through bail-in! That's the timing factor: bail-in! What is bail-in? Bail-in is trying to sell at reduced prices all the fake assets which they have accumulated when, one way or the other, they're finished! Bail-in will finish them! What are they doing? What's their timing? Before bail-in sets in as a landslide. How far is that? It's damn close.

That's all you need to know in order to forecast the present situation accurately. Bail-in! Just think of the magnitude of the worthless claimed assets of the Anglo-American institutions! All of that discrepancy in wealth means that it's all going to vanish! And nothing but the poverty left in the wake will survive.

How do I know the future? I pay attention to it."

LaRouchePAC runs candidates for office in the United States. Right now, Bill Roberts runs for the Democratic nomination for U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan's 11th District, and Michael Steger for the U.S. House of Representatives in California's 12th District.

Kesha Rogers, who twice won the Democratic nomination for U.S. House of Representatives in Texas, is currently running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. In the first run of the election, she received 110,000 votes, 27 % of the votes casted. Her biography on her website reads in part as follows:
"I ran a highly visible campaign for U.S. Congress in the 22nd district of Texas, home of Johnson Space Center, on the theme 'Save NASA, Impeach Obama'. This is because shortly after I filed, Barack Obama announced the cancellation of Constellation, effectively shutting down our domestic human space flight program. I also put the Hitler mustache on Obama, because his healthcare legislation values money over peoples' lives, which is explicitly a crime Nazi doctors were found guilty of during their trials at Nuremberg, in addition to more well known horrors. By raising the specter of Hitler's T-4 program in Obama's IPAB, Democratic Party bloggers screamed that I was arguing that "making sure everyone has coverage" was the same thing as the Holocaust. Yet what do we see, three years later? Hospitals are going bankrupt nationwide, public medical services are being cut, people are losing their coverage en masse, preventive screenings are being denied in the name of 'cost-effectiveness', and there is widespread promotion of euthanasia and abortions in a society that can't afford to pay for both rent and medicine. Make no mistake: Obamacare is a pro-death 'health' program.

I ran again in 2012 and won the nomination by only 109 votes, and in that general election, over 80,000 people cast their vote for me."