Glass-Steagall-motion i Italiens nya parliament

En Glass-Steagall motion lades fram i Italienska parlamentets lägre kammare den 22 mars underskriven av ledamoten Davide Caparini och en grupp andra ledamöter från Lega Nord. Den är en uppföljning på andra motioner om Glass-Steagall som lagts fram under de tre senaste åren. Den första lades fram av senator Oskar Peterlini, och liknande lades fram av bland andra senatorn och fd. ekonomiministern Giulio Tremonti och ledamöter från andra partier. Texten på den nya motionen är densamma som Peterlinis med tillläggen d) och e) under Article 2.

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Texten till den Italienska
motionen för bankdelning (på engelska)

Chamber of Deputies
Draft Bill N. 488 Delegation to the Government for the Separation of Banking Models
By Deputies Davide Caparini, Gianluca Pini, Giovanni Fava, Molteni, Fedriga, Matteo Bragantini, Grimoldi

Presented on March 22, 2013

Art. 1. (Delegation to the Government)
1. The purpose of this law is to establish the separation between commercial banks and investment banks, protecting financial activities involving deposits and credit related to the real economy, from those linked to investment and speculation on the national and international financial markets.

2. The Government shall adopt, within twelve months of the entry into effect of this law and in accordance with the principles and criteria under Article 2, one or more legislative decrees containing rules for the separation of commercial banks and investment banks, prohibiting banks that accept deposits or other funds with obligation of return from carrying out any activities linked to the trading of securities in general.

Art. 2. (Principles and Guiding Criteria)
1. The legislative decrees as per Article 1 shall comply with the following principles and guiding criteria:

a) the prohibition for commercial banks, i.e. banks that accept deposits from the general public, to carry out any activities linked to the trading and brokerage of securities, thus establishing the separation between commercial banking functions and investment banking functions;

b) the prohibition for commercial banks to hold equity stakes or establish partnerships of any kind with the following entities: merchant banks, investment banks, brokerage firms and in general all financial companies that do not accept deposits from the general public;

c) the prohibition for the representatives, directors, reference shareholders and employees of merchant banks, investment banks, brokerage firms and in general all financial companies that do not accept deposits from the general public, to hold executive positions or controlling interests in commercial banks.

d) establishing a fair period, however not more than two years from the issue of the first Act as in the relevant paragraph, during which banks can solve incompatibilities as in the current draft bill;

e) establish a different tax regime for commercial banks and investment banks, in order to favor the former, considering their activity in support of the real economy and in particular in favor of small and medium enterprises.

Art. 3. (Opinions of the Parliamentary Commissions)
1. The drafts of the legislative decrees pursuant to Article 1(2) shall be transmitted to the chambers of Parliament by the sixtieth day prior to the expiration of the term set for the exercise of the delegation under that same Article 1(2), for the opinion of the relevant Parliamentary Commissions, to be given within forty days of the date of transmission.

Art. 4. (Entry into Effect)
1. This law shall enter into effect on the day after its publication in the Official Journal.