Ulf Sandmark, Occupy Stockholm: Should the Financial Crisis Lead to World War?

On the Technicalities Linking Finance to World War
by Ulf Sandmark, Occupy Stockholm, November 12, 2011

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This presentation answers the following questions:

The Youth have no future, jobs and housing. Is it just in this country?

What is the nature of globalization?

Where is the center for debt transactions?

Is it not better to write off the debt?

When did globalization start?

What is absolutely forbidden to say about world globalization?

What is the connection between weapons and money for empires?

Is really the globalized financial system comparable to military foreign invasions?

What countries can resist the British Financial Empire?

What about the USA with Obama toppled?

When is it necessary for the Empire to start wars against superpowers like China and Russia?

How do you know the more exact time, when the Empire must start such a war?

Is the money for the banks really finished?

Are there no new bank bailouts from nations, EU/EFSF or IMF?

What about raising the money with austerity and dictatorships?

What about printing more money through the Federal Reserve or European Central Bank?

How can the USA or U.K. afford war with such deficits and debt burdens?

How could the British Empire expect to win a war of superpowers?

How could the British Empire get unwilling superpowers into war?

How could the British Empire allow nuclear war over itself?

How could anyone let hundreds of millions, or billions, die?

Link to Sir David Attenborough

and Lord Bertrand Russell

Why not eradicate the speculative debt mountains and the cause of war with Glass-Steagall?