Lyndon LaRouches bästa uttalanden om utforskningen av rymden

Saturnusraketen projicerad på Washingtonmonumentet under festdagarna i den amerikanska huvudstaden för att fira månlandningen 50 år.

Inför 50-årsjubileet av den första månlandningen har LaRouchePAC
valt ut några särskilt intressanta videoutdrag där Lyndon LaRouche diskuterar
rymdsatsningens betydelse för mänsklighetens framtid. Här följer de som hittills
publicerats. Längst ned finns länkar till våra tidigare publicerade svenska
artiklar och videor.

Video by LaRouche: True Value of
Apollo, and a 50-Year Moon-Mars Mission

Leading into the July 20 celebration of mankind's
first landing on the Moon,
we're happy to present a series of video selections of Mr. LaRouche discussing the importance of the space program for the future of humanity. Our first selection comes from LaRouche's September 8, 2009 international webcast, "Down with The British Empire!": True Value of Apollo, and a 50-Year Moon-Mars Mission.

LaRouche: A 50-Year Mars Mission Determines Today's Policies

Lyndon LaRouche in 2009:
"I want an agreement among Russia, China, India, and the United States, on
Mars... What are we going to do, between now and 50 years from now? What
direction are we going to take? What's our... read more

LaRouche: The Secret of the SDI and Space

Excerpt from September 2000
- LaRouche's original authorship of the Strategic Defense Initiative was
premised on an Apollo-style economic crash program. As we celebrate the 50th
anniversary of mankind's first landing... read more

LaRouche: Let's Industrialize the
Moon Now as a Base for Future Space Exploration

What are the big projects
which will last generations, and mobilize a population to work together to make
happen? In this 2009 webcast excerpt, Lyndon LaRouche discusses the prospects
of Man's future in space, and... read more

LaRouche: Mars is the Shared Mission for All Mankind

With the space age upon us,
it's now time to consider "what is good for humanity?" "what
will advance our species, all of us?" instead of just "what is good
for my country?" or "how can we take the lead?" This is... read more

See LaRouche´s great video: Woman on Mars!

The article outlining the Mars colonization
program: The Science and Technology Needed to Colonize Mars (1986)

is translated into Swedish here: Den nödvändiga vetenskapen
för att kolonisera Mars

Schiller Institute Conference - July 20, 1pm: APOLLO +50

See the conference here or download it. A
wave of optimism and inspiration unseen for five decades will begin to sweep
the planet this weekend. 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, mankind walked for the first... read more

Anniversary of Moon Landing Is a
Wake-Up Call-Time to Create an Optimistic Future

Helga Zepp LaRouche
characterized the global recognition of the importance of man's first steps on
the Moon fifty years ago as a welcome wake up call, one which can restore the
optimism attacked by Green Ideology for... read more

Let Us Take Up the Mission

The City of London-Wall
Street financial empire is coming unstuck, even as its rulers face an American
President who may not agree to follow their instructions to try to bail them
out again, as Bush and Obama did in... read more

Humanity's Next Fifty Years in the Solar System, and Beyond

Megan Beets and Kesha
Rogers take on the cultural pessimism holding humanity back from its ultimate
destiny in space. President Trump's announcement of returning man and woman
back to the moon in a mere five years... read more

Could Man's Future in Space Be the
Key to Defeat the Deadly Pessimism of Empire?

Helga Zepp LaRouche opened
today's webcast by discussing "bright spots" in the strategic
situation, coming from the diplomacy at the G20 summit and the Trump-Kim DMZ meeting. Yet the potential which is emerging to... read more

Lyndon LaRouche

LaRouche's 40 Year History, US Presidency


Strategic Defense of Earth

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Läs artikel på svenska av Helga Zepp-LaRouche: 50
år efter månlandningen: Hur rymdfärder lyfter människan på mer än ett sätt!

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Se Schillerinstitutets konferens i New York till minne av månlandningen för
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